The Best Computerized Sewing Machine for You

It used to be that sewing machines are just the basic conventional ones. Enter the electric sewing machines that no longer need cranking up. This kind gives you choices on the kinds of stitches you want done, among many other features. Today’s generation of sewing machine works a little differently than its predecessors. Many top-of-the-line home sewing machines are computer operated. There are hundreds of stitch patterns stored in the memory disc that the sewer can choose from. The built-in computer controls the many motors of the sewing machine. It controls how the needle bar moves and the tension of each stitch. The machine can even be connected to a computer to download more stitch patterns straight from the Internet. Newer versions now even have a tablet that you can draw on for your own design and the sewing machine will just do the pattern that you created. This can be done even if you know next to nothing about sewing.

If you are planning to purchase one for home use, making a wise and careful choice is the biggest challenge. This kind of sewing machine is a lot more expensive than electrical sewing machines. And before you get one, be reminded that if you are a beginner, this is not the best sewing machine for you. To get the best computerized sewing machine suited for you, read on for some pointers in buying.

Computerized Sewing Machine


Assess your skill level first. As long as you are not a beginner and you have had some experience in sewing, then you can get yourself a sewing machine with built-in computer. The reason for this is that beginners are usually not yet completely set on sewing for a long time. Most become scared of complex high-technology sewing machines. Although, the truth is with computerized sewing machines, skill is not a requirement.


A sewing machine with built-in computer does not come cheap, so determining the purpose for using this sewing machine is the most practical thing to do. Determine what kind of sewing will be done if the purchase of the sewing machine is only for home use. Is it just for mending or hemming clothes? With this purpose, you only need a basic sewing machine. If you are planning to mend clothes, make dresses, curtains, seat covers and other materials that will have different designs as well, then, by all means, get this type of machine. For businesses who want to take it up a notch, computerized sewing machines can help improve sales. There will surely be precise and neat sewing which will help the company save on costs as there will be less rejected materials.


Since computerized sewing machines are more costly than mechanical machines, budget should be a consideration. Decide on your budget and stick with it. Things that might affect budget consideration are the guidelines mentioned above: your skill level and how you are going to use the machine.

Customer Service and Service Center

Accessibility is very important for a buyer. You should be able to ask a lot of questions and the communication avenue should be easy. The company has to have a good website, contact numbers with representatives available and an excellent chat hotline. As regards service centers, there should be many repair centers in your area. Even if the brand is highly recommended but there is no service center in your city or cities around you, it is not very practical to buy the brand.

Ratings and Reviews

Never buy a machine because of the brand. Base your choice on the ratings and reviews of people who have already bought and tried the product. Do not check the product reviews on the brand’s website as these should always be suspect. Word-of-mouth is the most honest advertisement that you may hear. Listen to them.

There are many things to consider before getting a sewing machine, whether mechanical or with built-in computer. Mentioned here are just some guidelines; the rest is still up to you.