Top Reviews of The Line of Dyson Vacuums

Dyson vacuums gets the attention of a lot of people due to its cleaning power. Dyson is also know for the variety of cleaners they produce. You will find specialty units alongside their regular designs, and the specialties are specifically for people who are sensitive to dust, mold, etc. As you know, when you have pets it is not merely the hair they shed. There is the issue of pet dander which is very fine, and that is what can cause problems for a lot of people. This article is about Dyson vacuums, and we will review various units plus other important information.

dyson dc28The Dyson DC28 Animal vacuum is designed for you if there are pets in your home. The DC28 uses both Airmuscle and Root Cyclone technology in order to remove dirt and dander. The Airmuscle trademark technology consists of Dyson components specifically engineered by the company. The specifically designed parts are the following: driven cam, hi torque clutch and a pneumatic actuator. These are the mechanical parts for just a piece of the general design for cleaning the floor. The vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter that can be reused and washed over a lifetime.

dyson dc23The Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister vacuum possesses 220 air watts of suction. Although all Dyson vacuum cleaners have the Root Cyclone technology for getting dirt from the air, the DC23 TurbineHead has a better version called Level 3 Root Cyclone. This version simply adds more power to the suction capability of the vacuum. The TurbineHead brush bar is effective for vacuuming both short and medium pile carpets. Also, this bar can be removed if you want to vacuum hard floors.

dyson dc31The Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum cleaner is very comfortable when it comes to design and functionality. This unit is very nice and well-suited for cleaning isolated spots and fast cleaning jobs. The DC31 has a dual powered motor that has a digital design, which turns it into a lightweight and smaller unit. However, this digital motor can give ten minutes of constant suction power. However, if you really have to get more suction power, you can get up to seventy percent more, but sacrifice operation time and use it for six minutes.

These Dyson machines are specifically designed with your allergies in mind.

It can be challenging to rid your carpet of all the pet dander that can accumulate. This is where the HEPA filters come in. We all know that HEPA’s can be expensive, and at least you will not need to replace them.